Built For Purpose

Providing Best In Practice >

DP9 was founded to deliver one core specialism with excellence. With over 80 dedicated professionals, and more than 500 years combined experience in our Directors alone, our focus on the skill of Town Planning makes our experience unrivalled. It is our belief that this concentration along with our independent status enables us to deliver the best possible outcomes for our Clients.

What we do

Independent Planning Consultation >

DP9 provides specialist expertise on planning feasibility and strategies, preparation of planning submissions and applications and negotiation through approval processes. Our independence enables us to assist our clients in formulating the best and most appropriate project teams and we are often involved at the very outset of a project. With an average of 650 live projects at any one time covering some 50,000,000 sq. ft of mixed-use development, DP9’s experience across a wide range of sectors and land uses is unparalleled.

The DP9


We Are Different >

Planning can be perceived as a rigid, linear process, simplistically whether criteria are met or not. DP9’s approach is different, we advocate a more inclusive, effective process. We marry our in-depth knowledge of the planning system, both current and emerging policy and legislation, with our clients’ objectives and an understanding of political and public consensus. It’s the cohesion of these elements that deliver the positive outcomes DP9 has become known for.



Trusted And Valuable >

Building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships is at the heart of DP9’s approach to successful planning. We are fully committed to our Clients and the successful delivery of projects depends upon our relationships not only with them but also with all stakeholders at every level, whether that be industry, government or community. Our ability to listen but also challenge respectfully and appropriately where necessary, yields us results.

Our Clients

Commercial To Charitable >

DP9’s clients are primarily large scale commercially focused with projects located predominantly in and around London and the South East. However, DP9’s Client list notably also includes schools, universities, charities and cultural institutions. In addition, DP9 completes a significant amount of pro bono work for good causes.

Driving Positive


Impacting Communities Positively >

We are proud to be part of a wider team that helps deliver beneficial change on our landscape and in our communities. Delivering successful outcomes that meet the needs of all stakeholders helps us achieve this ambition. DP9 has been recognised with a number of industry awards as a result.