The existing Elizabeth House was a 1960’s office building which became outdated and no longer served the needs of its corporate tenants.  Furthermore, it hindered public movement in and around the UK’s busiest station Waterloo.  As a result, the site has long been identified by Lambeth Council as a significant development opportunity to revitalise and regenerate the area through the provision of new office and retail space, transformational new public spaces and a high quality new landmark building.

Project Objection

The client sought to provide exemplary new office and retail space alongside extensive new public spaces and routes to facilitate fluid movement in and around  Waterloo, helping to relieve capacity issues at the station.

Role of DP9

DP9 have been pivotal in devising the planning strategy and leading negotiations with Lambeth Council, the Mayor of London, Historic England and the other myriad of stakeholders leading up to and through all planning submissions and determinations.  Ongoing involvement includes the working closely with the Client to optimise the design for delivery despite challenging economic circumstances.

Key Challenge

The combination of a multitude of requirements and considerations made this project a considerable challenge; from delivering a building of the highest architectural quality which optimised the site’s development potential whilst also respecting nearby heritage assets, alongside providing a significantly improved street level and station-user experience.

Landmark office development next to Waterloo Station



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